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  • Quinson Chablis


  • LaCheteau Crémant de Loire


    Crémant de Loire
  • Quinson


  • Arthur Metz Alsace - Riesling

    Arthur Metz

    Alsace - Riesling
  • Brut Dargent Méthode Traditionnelle - Chardonnay

    Brut Dargent

    Méthode Traditionnelle Chardonnay
  • Baron d’Arignac

    Baron d’Arignac

  • Chemin des Papes Côtes-du-Rhône

    Chemin des Papes

  • F. Martenot

    F. Martenot

    Saint-Véran AOP
  • Pierlant


    Sparkling Brut
  • Réserve La Baume St-Paul

    Réserve La Baume St-Paul

    IGP Oc - Merlot
  • Marcel Cabelier

    Marcel Cabelier

    Vin Jaune Côtes du Jura AOP
  • Louis Eschenauer

    Louis Eschenauer

    Bordeaux AOP
  • Marius Peyol

    Marius Peyol

    Côtes de Provence AOP
  • François Montand

    François Montand

    Méthode Traditionnelle


Experience working for innovation

Experience working for innovation

Dynamic marketing techniques are the inspiration behind the GCF Group’s business development. By closely watching the market, the GCF Group can rapidly react to changing trends and consumer requirements.

Our dynamic attitude and solid experience combine to generate innovation. Today, GCF offers a broad portfolio of products covering most French appellations and spirits as well as New World wines.

Our team of keen enthusiasts develop products that are adapted to the specific needs of each market, both in terms of consumer practices and innovative packaging.

A broad array of packaging is available: glass, PET, bag-in-box and isipack, from individual packages of 18.7cl, 20cl and 37.5cl to 75cl, 1.5l, to Methuselah, and large BiB formats.

Acclaimed know-how

Acclaimed know-how

The GCF Group develops branded wine, guaranteeing cost and quality year after year. Our extensive know-how is regularly rewarded by a panoply of medals in Wine Competitions and Guides in France and on the international scene.

Highly reputed wines: Louis Eschenauer in Bordeaux, Arthur Metz in Alsace, Lacheteau in Val de Loire, Quinson in Burgundy, Chemin des Papes in Côtes du Rhône, Brut Dargent traditional method, and Baron D’Arignac… not forgetting J.P. CHENET - the bestselling brand of French wine in the world!

The family’s very first passion was Spirits, today developed by a dedicated team of specialists to make tailored products using ever-more original and the glamorous recipes.