Our strengths

A philosophy shared by over 3,000 team members, together with our viticulturists and partners. A mutual passion that inspires our oenologists to cultivate their know-how and bring new life to our vibrant terroirs.

Our teams are made up of around forty technicians specialised in viticulture and oenology. Men and women at the cutting edge whose expertise is finely honed by a continuous search for perfection and technical prowess adapted to market requirements. 

Hands-on presence

Hands-on presence

Our teams are present in each of the wine-growing regions. This means we can build up a relationship of trust with all the stakeholders in the region with the aim of forging binding, constructive ties.

Our commitment is based on a specific policy of purchasing wine and spirits:

  • Precise, innovative specifications that are technically-oriented and quality-based
  • On-going research targeting progress and improvement through constant investment in R&D.
Strict control right down the line

Strict control right down the line

From the vine to the barrel, the work is monitored by professional oenologists who are always ready to take up new challenges – a passion shared by all with the aim of achieving the very best in terms of the typicality and quality for our wine.

The Group’s products are regular award-winners receiving medals in wine competitions and mentions in wine guides in France and on the international scene. 

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