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Our know-how


"Cultivate the vineyard with the aim of harvesting the best grapes"

With 3,760 hectares of vineyards worldwide and passionate and highly demanding technical teams, we want to realise the full potential of each region and promote the unique features of each terroir and vineyard. We are continually investing in the preservation and development of our vineyards.

All our vineyards without exception are engaged in environmentally-friendly initiatives and have earned the HVE label for environmental protection.

Winemaking & Wine maturing

Winemaking & Wine maturing

We are the leading private winemaker in France, excluding cooperatives.

The quality of our wines is a core concern and we are present in the heart of the vineyards thanks to our own winemaking centres. We have built up strong partnerships with winegrowers and cooperatives, and are committed to working with producers through associations created to foster solid relationships over the long-term. Today, these associations have over 1,800 partners.

But GCF also sources wines and fosters partnerships all over the world.

A sparkling producer

A sparkling producer

"Bubbly" is an integral part of our know-how.

Synonymous with parties and celebrations, our cremants, Champagne, sparkling and effervescent wines will always be there for your festive occasions.

We have developed a precise and meticulous wine-making process in the different regions in France and Europe, using cutting edge technology and innovative techniques developed by our research and development centre.

This is how we have become the leading traditional method wine maturing and winemaking company in France. We have also mastered the Charmat and carbonated gas methods, thus meeting all demands from consumers for effervescent wines and now offer a wide variety of different tasting wines.

A spirits shaper

A spirits shaper

Spirits, a family legacy...

It started in 1947 with the distillation of natural fruit spirits, a traditional product in Alsace. Thanks to the know-how and experience accumulated over the years, we now develop high-quality, award-winning spirits and are attentive at all times to changing consumer trends. Our portfolio of spirits now includes natural spirits, cognac, gin, tequila and whisky.

Joseph Helfrich's pride and joy: his own Cognac and Brandy cellars!

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